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Advertising campaign for the two-day event leading up the TD Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City.

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Paige Schmidt. Carly Fleck. Maggie Stahl. Sibel Brodney.

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Lindsey Zolot. Haley Schroeder. Barbara Wopinek. Carolyn Schneider. Carrie Weber. Ken Lange. Alyssa Cary. John Wenzel. I mean, a lot. As in, how the hell are prices going to hold at their current levels? Holy moly. Let that sink in. All of Brooklyn has seen an influx of , residents in the past decade. Yes, all of Brooklyn, from Brighton Beach to Williamsburg.

Yes, over the past ten years. Will the market be able to fill all those new rental units?

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Based on those numbers, it seems very unlikely. Needless to say, we do need new housing closer to large transportation hubs. And it was such a good idea, that we mayyyy have overdone it a little bit. But if we already re-zoned Downtown Brooklyn to allow towers like this, why does 80 Flatbush need special approval?

So, yes, the city did need more apartments near transportation hubs. They needed it 16 years ago. Now we have more apartments than we know what to do with. Expensive ones, too. Not affordable to most New Yorkers. We have an entire new neighborhood dedicated to having housing near infrastructure that can support them. If you want to develop giant towers, do it there.

Although, I guess we could use more office space, and two new public schools also all part of the proposal. So who knows? Last year, after a vote to unionize, they were shut down. They launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and rally the troops. I missed them. Marshals on the Brooklyn side will direct you. This exit point is recommended for those traveling with children. Subway The Tour passes near many subway stations.

Bikes are allowed on the subway, but some unstaffed subway stations have turnstiles that do not accommodate bikes. Marshals and Information Tents at Rest Areas can provide more details on which stations to use. Bike Repair Labor is free, but there is a charge for parts. Reunion Area Plan to reunite here if you get separated from your group along the way. Fort Wadsworth Fort Wadsworth is closed to the public on Tour day.

Water Stop, Staten Island website. Gotham Cheer! Title Sponsor. How do I register for the Tour? Who can participate in the Tour? Are there age restrictions for riding in the Tour?

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Can international riders participate in the Tour? How much does it cost to ride in the Tour?

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Where does the money go? Do we both need to register? Can I register someone else? How do I verify that I am registered for the Tour? Are there refunds on any registration purchases? Can I sell or give away my entry? When can I order the Tour registration jersey?

Where can I find sizing information for the Tour registration jersey? When will my Tour registration jersey arrive? What are staggered Start waves? How can I guarantee that I'll be assigned to the first Start wave? How can I ensure that I am assigned to the same Start wave as my friends and family? What is a team? Can VIP and charity riders join a team?

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What if I am late to my designated staggered Start time? Can I start at an earlier Start time? Riders are only permitted to fall back into a later start time. Can I start farther along the Tour route and avoid the Start Line? What sort of accommodation options does Bike New York offer to riders who are traveling from out of town?